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Being in the field of vertical transportation for over 25 glorious years we manufacture allkind of Industrial Lifts, Passenger Lifts, Goods Lifts, Capsule Lifts, Hospital Lifts, Flame Proof , Dust Proof Lifts, Hydraulic Lifts, and Hydraulic Car Lifts.

Be it the simplest evevators or the world's most sophisticated elevator, we at ALMAS LIFTS will provide you the one which will best suit your needs and your budget.

The materials we use are one of the best qualities because we believe in long term customer relationship. We have installed elevators with both sides opening i.e Opposites Openings and also lifts with openings at 90 degrees to each other. Job may be of any kind we do it, keeping SAFETY in mind.

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Goods Lifts

Goods Lifts These are meant specially for industrial Purpose.
Goods lifts are of course made strudy and rugged provided no willful damage is done to it.

Passenger Lifts

Passenger Lifts Passenger lifts or residential lifts are meant for carrying passengers from one floor to another.

Flameproof Lifts

Flameproof lifts
Flameproof lifts are used in areas such as Defence Zones, Chemical Areas, Oil Refineries, Gas Refineries, etc
We provide Flame Proof Passenger as well as Goods Lifts.

Hospital Lifts

Hospital Lifts

Hospital Lifts are same as goods lifts but for the difference that these lifts are made, keeping in mind that the stray chair may get into the lift and there is enough space for the stray chair.

Hoist With Mono Rail
Hospital Lifts

This type of hoist can be equipped with a trolley for horizontal traveling.Smaller loads can be moved with a push type trolley whereas a motor driven trolley a preferred for heavier loads.

Hydraulic Lifts
Hospital Lifts
We install hydraulic passenger of goods lifts.
Computerized Car Parking System
Computerized Car Parking System

Except the top floor, each floor has a spare parking space and front-rear guide rails. Each parking space has a pallet which moves horizontally on the guide rail.

Stack Parking
Stack Parking
Description :
Hydraulic Driven
3000Kgs. capacity, instantly double parking space
Safety locks on all post for added safety
Car Turn Table
Car Turn Table
The turn table is a rotating platform designed for turning the car in a small space.Just park your car on the ALMAS TURN TABLE and at a press of button turn the car 180 Degrees.
Inspection Lift / Alloy Lift
Hospital Lifts
Description :
Capacity 150Kgs.
High quality aluminium alloy material.
Small in size.
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